Tribe is about marketing, people and the planet

Precisely because we do communication and marketing, we have a huge responsibility. A responsibility we take on through Green Marketing

The tribal approach to digital marketing

Whether you want Green Marketing or classic, we always use our ‘tribal method’ in working with our clients. Call it a kind of screening, where we find out how and if we can help you at all. Note. we don’t take just anyone. For us it is important, we see potential, seriousness and not least goodness in your company as well as the people behind.


Have you really got the marketing basics down? We look at every corner and come up with a plan for you. Contact us and we, not a robot, will check on our behalf whether the marketing foundation is in place


Now the company’s foundations are in place and the time to grow has come. Contact us. We look at our bill if your strategy, products and services and business can be scaled through marketing.


If you don’t develop your business, you dismantle it. Long-term thinking pays off. We propose green business models strongly complemented by effective Green Marketing services. Get in touch with us. Then we look at the possibilities together

Green Marketing

If you're not green in the future, you'll be at the back of the queue.

Green Marketing is honest, transparent and effective communication.
The way we help brands with Green Marketing includes:

  • Services for companies with and without a marketing department as well as marketing agencies
  • Online course in Green Marketing
  • Dialogue starter / review of sustainability and marketing via Green Shortcut.
  • Physical workshops, courses and presentations for companies

Sustainable transformation can be your most important friend in strengthening everything from strategy, communication and business development. In other words, become your strongest sales channel and ensure you have a business in 100 years.

We soon found out that many companies are not able to go green at all due to a lack of resources and knowledge. Based on this, we developed the Green Shortcut, which is a dialogue starter and audit.

More sustainable actions: what do we do ourselves?

When we buy shares through the company, we only support green companies.
When we donate to good causes, we only choose associations and foundations that have a sustainable focus.

Primarily, we support green start-ups and scale-ups every year. Among others, We Use. In addition, we also support organizations that support social initiatives. For example
Mind Your Own Business

which helps young people in residential areas through entrepreneurship or
The Foundation For Entrepreneurship
which promotes entrepreneurship and innovation in secondary education.

2021 will be the year the tribe plants Denmark’s first
. The forest is being made using the method developed by Professor Miyawaki, and is specifically designed to promote biodiversity. Our goal is to support with 4 Lommeskove annually from 2022.

When the tribe meets for a company party, lunch meeting or similar, only plant-based food is purchased for all employees. Products from animals are of course welcome, but at your own expense (-:

Whenever we can, we buy recycled furniture and equipment. The office has recycled furniture, while the tribe provides raised desks and monitors for each employee in the office as well as the home office. In addition, we have video and photo equipment, which we also always try to find out if we can buy second-hand. Here we are far from the finish line, as quality always comes first, which is why used video equipment is not always sufficient.

Although our website “only” emits the equivalent of 2 trees per year, we have actually planted a 2030 forest of 16m2 with 60 plants. In addition, our goal is to create two 2030 forests per year of 50m2, each with 150 plants.

marketing services for 3 target groups

Which target group suits you?

We help 3 different target groups with either 1) communicate green products more effectively or 2) start the green journey.

1) Agencies seeking knowledge on Green Marketing and strategic use of sustainability for their own clients, SMEs
2) without marketing department who want to communicate sustainability correctly and effectively, as well as SMEs and larger companies
3) with a marketing department, where we help with selected specialised services such as video, green marketing strategy and workshops. Choose your target group below:

Without marketing department

Close cooperation with the company

With marketing department

Expertise and assistance for the busy department

For marketing agencies

Yes, we help our competitors 🙂

General green marketing services

Prices depend of course on scope. Contact us for a good chat.

Our customers

Become part of the family

At Tribe Media, we want to talk about sustainability and do great marketing and communication at the same time. The combination ensures today’s and tomorrow’s marketing agency.

Become part of the family, just as several other companies have chosen. At TRIBE Media, we are a tribe that sees its customers as family. A tribe that takes care of its members.


Digital communication can be complex. That's why we also offer various individual solutions.

Websites are here to stay. It’s your strongest digital business card, which is why it’s important it plays.
See more about website

social media
you won’t interact with your followers. Once you have social media, you can also advertisement

Video stays and gets stronger every day. Why you need to include it in your communication
See more about video production

Google search engines live on good
text version
written for humans. That’s why you need to think about text strategically in terms of
and your visitors.

The finishing touch can be found in many ways.
Graphic Design
is probably one of the biggest dots. Here you can stand out from the crowd and communicate more clearly.

Without a plan, you have no direction. Before you can make the strategy, you need to ask yourself if your digital foundation is really in place? In this context, strategy (-;

This is our sustainability roadmap

In addition, we have a vision to stop the marketing of carbon-heavy products. Just think what an effect that would have.

Material recycling
Repair and upcycle all our own hardware (furniture + electronics)
Upcycling hos TRIBE Media

Challenges for implementation
If spare parts are not available
Something does not work optimally due to failure

Success criteriaSpend time searching for upcycling

Clean water
Influencing the landlord to take action

Challenges for implementation
Price. If it's more expensive for the landlord → should we pay?

Success criteria
Persuade landlord to make a plan + start implementing e.g. water saving, avoid spraying weed control and use environmentally friendly cleaning products

Waste management
Employees receive waste sorting training
upcycling af produkter hos TRIBE

Challenges for implementation
That resource sorting does not mean the same thing to all people.

Success criteria
All employees become more aware of resource sorting and how much it can actually benefit the environment.

Clean energy
Get clients to use green power
rent energi

Challenges for implementation

Loss of customers
Difficult to persuade customers to implement it
How do we communicate the requirements in a good way?
Will customers change these things to work with us?

Success criteria
That customers demand green power

Materials Health
All materials we use are free of harmful substances for humans and nature
materialesundhed tribe media

Challenges for implementation
Finding a comprehensive course for staff and implementation in everyday life.

Success criteria

That all new and existing items we use are free of harmful substances.

Social responsibility
100% fair trade products whenever possible
social ansvarlighed tribe media

Challenges for implementation
Credibility and accessibility.

Success criteria
Whatever the purchase, big or small, we check availability for fairtrade.

Sponsor bus and train tickets for clients coming to the office
bæredygtig transport tribe media

Challenges for implementation
If customers don't want to take the train to meetings.

Success criteria
If we can motivate customers to take the train/bus rather than the car. Carpooling could be good alternative.

Be 100% circular with packaging whenever possible
emballage håndtering tribe media

Challenges for implementation
Difficult challenge. It's about actively checking manufacturers and seeing how they handle packaging.

Success criteria
Document our handling of packaging. This also allows us to use it in our communication and shows transparency.

Demand customers use sustainable transport
elektrisk offentlig transport tribe media

Challenges for implementation
If the customer does not share our values, as well as low practical challenges.
Loss of customers - both existing and new.

Success criteria
Optimally, this would be a requirement before starting the collaboration, which may lead to the loss of a potential customer, so in some cases it may be more beneficial to introduce it during the collaboration.

See our full milestone plan below about us and what we’re already doing to be more sustainable.

Should we work together?

Fill out the form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Merry Christmas and thank you for your cooperation

No matter how much or little we’ve talked this year, our collaboration still means a lot to us at the Tribe.

That’s why we want to give you some special Christmas gift that might help you in 2022.

40% discount on a video or photo
for the website or social media.

The gift can be picked up at our office dalbygade 40U 1. floor or you can book an online conversation in my, Benjamin, calendar.

I look forward to talking to you. Merry Christmas!