Peter Larsen Coffee

Nomination video for CSR award

The video actually ended up helping win the CSR award, where Peter Larsen Kaffe needed a concise and apt video for an award they were up for.

Video that shows what Peter Larsen Kaffe stands for, but with a little edge

Animations and recordings with focus on the person

We used Kolding Video Studio to create a setup with a black background, where we strategically used backlights to create different focus areas. In addition, we used previous footage from our Green Marketing series and mixed it with old footage from coffee plantations. In addition, we made some special shots in the studio such as the shot with the one coffee bean that turned into 100.

What skills were used?

We used all our techniques from video, but also focused on good green marketing, where we didn't put much emphasis on how green Peter Larsen Kaffe is, but instead focused on the good products. In addition, we let the pictures speak for themselves.

This was the result

Customer review

So said Peter Larsen Coffee about working with us

“A short film that uses a few simple tools to highlight complex issues in the coffee industry and focus on our solution. Super professional work by Benjamin and his team – done at short notice and to a tight deadline.” – Chief Innovation and Circular Transformation Officer at Löfbergs, Head of Communication at Peter Larsen Kaffe

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