Green Marketing for a Green Brand

How do you best communicate your green initiatives without overdoing it?

WeUse creates app-based sharing platform for closed communities

WeUse is different from the others because it focuses on closed communities, as trust is everything when renting out tools, etc.

This was precisely our main task. So instead of focusing on the green, which is what the sharing economy is all about, we focused on the most important: Namely, to show how the product actually works, and not least, that trust is at an all-time high.

What skills were used?

Green Marketing was used in such a way that we did everything to avoid Green Fatique in particular. In doing so, we also avoided Green Washing, as we focus on the very tangible benefits of using the service. Video was chosen because it is just the best for both show and tell. Especially something that can be a bit complicated to show on text. The combination of Green Marketing principles and video is extremely powerful, as was the case here.

This was the result

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