Google Tag Manager – 3 event-tagging tips

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Google Tag Manager can answer many business questions. Here are three tips on how to tag your website.

Here are three tips for your Google Tag Manager account:

  • 1. Make a list of questions you want to tag/track on your website

It’s important to get an overview of where you want to start your Google Tag Manager journey. To start with, try to draw up a list of questions about which features, buttons, banners and elements of your website you would like to track.

This could be, for example: How do visitors use the site’s main navigation bar? How do visitors interact with the site navigation? What features do visitors click on when they are on a product page? What percentage of visitors click on the site’s images?

2. How can the website be optimised based on the questions?

If we start from the questions in the section above, we can go deeper into the questions: Which elements in the navigation bar are pressed the most and the least (should they be removed/do they interfere)? Are the items in the dropdown menu used or should it be removed? Which elements of the website’s product pages are relevant to showcase? Which elements should be removed because they might disturb the visitor.

3. Make a document about how Tags on the website should be structured:

In order to have a clear overview of how your “Tags” are structured in your Google Tag Manager account, it is VERY important that you have a document of what and how your Tags are structured. This way you have an overview of your Tags and it makes work much more efficient and saves a lot of time. Therefore, if you need to change or correct a Tag, you can always return to the document and find it.

Side elementEvent categoryEvent actionEvent label
Navigation clicknavigationnear click{{Page URL}}
thumbnail image clickproduct sideimage click{{Page URL}}
Reviews clickproduct sideclick on reviews{{Page URL}}

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