Green ambassadors: best practice

If you can make vegan living cool, you’ve really done something right. This is exactly what the company, Naturli’, has managed to do. Their products are both tasty, low on CO2 and have a strong and bold narrative behind them, which at the same time unites and speaks directly to the customers’ value set. A […]

Sustainable innovation

Innovation is obviously important for your company’s development and sustainable business. However, green innovation requires something a little extra for it to really take off. Therefore, in short, your new green sustainable product must be both cheaper and better than existing conventional solutions on the market. Put another way: sustainability and green aspects can never […]

Green certifications: which ones and how do you communicate them?

This post is divided into 2 parts: Let’s start by looking at what certifications are available. Of course, not all are included here, but some of the most common and important are. Before we continue, let’s look at what green certifications actually mean in the green marketing world. What are green certificates? In general, there […]

Sustainable transition: how to get started

Quite simply, communicating sustainability requires a concrete, long-term plan. Roadmap or milestone plan, dear child has many names. Therefore, this article focuses more on sustainability and the journey behind it, as you obviously can’t do green marketing without knowing about sustainability holistically. The methods and goals you can work with are many, so we try […]

Green fatique – what is it?

What exactly is green fatique? Green fatique is a phenomenon that few people are aware of. It’s one of those points where you have to look both in and out, which is a difficult balance. Green fatique is, in short, when you, your employees and your customers get tired of talk of 100% sustainability that […]

What is green washing?

Green washing has traditionally been when companies spread false or misleading messages regarding the sustainability of their products or services. More precisely, greenwashing is when a company reports something that is flatly untrue. In other words, you are breaking the Marketing Act, which is illegal and punishable by law. Conversely, green washing as such is […]

Green hushing: when you muzzle yourself

What is green hushing? Green hushing is, in short, when companies and organisations keep quiet about green initiatives and messages in fear of green washing . Something that actually comes from a good thought, as you don’t want to say something wrong as well as put the company in a bad light. The paradox is […]

Is there such a thing as 100% sustainability?

What is the definition of sustainability, anyway? First, a little historical perspective on the definition of sustainability. The definition appeared already in the 1900s and covers, in simplified terms, the following: Meeting the needs of present generations without compromising the needs of future generations. In other words, ensuring that we, the current generation, have our […]

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