For companies with and without a marketing department as well as agencies

Green Shortcut,
a dialogue tool

Sustainability as well as Green Marketing starts with conversation and dialogue. That's why we have developed a dialogue tool, that quickly finds out where you are on your journey. 

After the test you'll be taken to a page with relevant information for your situation, with concrete advice on how to get started, and the option of extra help.

First part of Green Shortcut

A dialogue tool for Green Marketing and Sustainability that identifies where you are in the process.

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You will now be directed to relevant additional information

Is your company doing something sustainable now?

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Are you communicating the sustainable actions?

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Why not? (2)

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Do you want your business to be more sustainable?

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Why not? (1)

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30-minute saving conversation

Would you like a free, no-obligation consultation to see how you can make better use of sustainability in your communications? And possibly look at what else you / your clients can do sustainably?

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Do you have the courage to communicate them?

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How has the result been?

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What sustainable actions are you taking now?

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How many employees do you have?

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What type of company do you come from?

Choose the category that suits you best.

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What industry do you work in?

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Do you do the following in communication?

Checklist of Green Marketing and sustainability aspects that can be used in communication

Avoiding over-communication of sustainability

Follows marketing law to the letter.

Be aware of legislation that affects your industry. For example, the construction industry which by 2023 must document CO2 in new buildings over 1,000m2.

Do you know your green target group down to the last detail?

For example, a roadmap that goes 10 years ahead and looks holistically at everything the company does directly and indirectly.

Mission, vision, business plan and gameplan

Customers as well as employees

Competitors, suppliers, customers, NGOs, the public sector, etc.?

e.g. 1) extended lifetime, 2) circular value chains, 3) industrial symbiosis, 4) recycling platform

For example, by using Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) and similar?

New products automatically based on circularity and sustainability?

Through training, education and other upskilling

Plan to use all SDGs within e.g. 15 years?

Please elaborate on anything else you do or would like to see you do more of that is not on the list.

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Your position

Write which position here

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Challenges of sustainability in the workplace

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Without marketing department

Where does your monthly marketing budget go?

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Do you use external marketing help?

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Are you already helping clients with green marketing?

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What do you get external help for?

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Where is your monthly external marketing and communications budget?

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What do you need to know to help customers with green marketing?

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Collaboration with another agency on Green Marketing

Would you like to work with another agency that specialises in Green Marketing?

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Why not?

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What do you most need help with for green marketing?

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Free information

Want free information on green marketing and sustainability? (max. 1 email per month)

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Book a consultation

Non-binding and online

30 minutes free no-obligation sparring session on green marketing and sustainability.
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That's it! The first part of the Green Shortcut is finished.

Based on your answers, you will be redirected to a relevant page, where you now need the last level, which will be a bit more concrete. Here you will get inspiration and the opportunity to get help for the Green Shortcut.


Description Information Quantity Price
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two people in a forest doing green marketing for tribe media

Who is the tool for?

2 entry angles

The tool is for you who: 

  1. are working on sustainability, but may not be taking advantage
    the full potential of Green Marketing
  2. want to start the green journey, but find it unmanageable

marketing services for 3 target groups

3 target groups we help

We help 3 different audiences to either 1) communicate green products more effectively or 2) start the green journey.

The Green Shortcut dialogue tool helps identify your potential, but if you're already ready to move forward, you can select your target audience below and read more about our green marketing services:  

  • Agencies who are looking for knowledge about Green Marketing and the strategic use of sustainability for their own clients

  • Companies and organisations:
    1. without marketing department
    2. with marketing department

Who helps you with Green Marketing?

Selected specialists in sustainability, communication and marketing

Leading sustainability experts have helped and are helping us with the sustainability parameters
We help and teach you Green Marketing, strategy and content that stands out

How Green Marketing

Think-out-of-the-box content is necessary to get started with sustainability.

Your organisation is going to work on sustainability no matter what. Time is the only variable. Therefore, you might as well start thinking out of the box right away. Our New Year's speech is one way to do that. Humour, seriousness and honesty are the way forward.

The result is growth for today and tomorrow.

And perhaps a faster green transition (-:


What other companies say about the team behind

Our service is new and fresh, so you automatically get a competitive advantage by being a first-mover. In addition, we work with some of the country's leading sustainability experts: the Green Marketing is our own responsibility. In addition, you can hear what our existing clients say about working with us. 

What do you get out of the dialogue starter?

Investing for the future and delivering results now and here

Your core product or communication does not change from day 1 with the dialogue tool, Green Shortcut. But the hope is also that the tool leads to action.

In addition, the entire 22% of Denmark's companies strategic with sustainability i 2018. The figure was only 12% the previous year. So if you're not green in the future, you'll very quickly be at the back of the queue. 

Take the test and get started with Green Marketing

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