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How do you know which website is right for you?

There are several factors that come into play when you need a new website. It depends partly on how big your business is and what type of business you have. 40% of all web pages, is a WordPress website , which is also true for us. That’s why we are experts in this tool and you are guaranteed a professional website.

Informative page

We recommend an informative website if you make your living primarily from customer leads, and showcase your business in a professional way. Here we talk about showcasing your company, your work and the product you offer.

With us, you get a stylish business card website and data collection, so you know exactly which customers to target. This makes it easy for you to improve your communication and increase your sales going forward. Such a website costs from 9.500,- DKK.


A webshop requires something more than an informative page. The two sites are similar in terms of design, but with the webshop it gets a bit more complicated. A webshop requires you to capture the target audience’s desires and lead to a purchase. Therefore, this type of website also requires a lot more work.

With us, you get a webshop that is tailored and designed according to your company’s identity, product and target audience. We tailor the website’s features to suit your audience’s internet behaviour. For example, we know that the young segment most often wants a website that can be accessed by mobile. There should be graphic elements that provide valuable content to the visitor. However, if we are to create a webshop for the older segment, it is important that the webshop is clear and that they can easily see the way to the purchase.

So there are many factors involved, but we are always ready with a solution for you. A webshop costs from 29.500,- DKK

One Day One Page

Are you a small start-up that just wants a business card? Our website solution is sure to suit you perfectly. This is ideal for those who just want to show off their work like a portfolio. The website is still built in WordPress, so it’s ready to expand as your business grows.

You get a professional 1-page website with beautiful images from 7.995,- DKK.

New website consultancy

”A website for today and tomorrow” is our idea when we develop a new website. It’s all about optimising your work, so it will save you a lot of resources if you get a website that’s designed in a timeless way.

We start by sitting down together over a cup of virtual or physical coffee at your place or through a video meeting. Next, it’s our job to understand your business and your core values/identity so we can best find the optimal outcome.

We want to do away with incomplete websites of other web agencies. That’s why our new website costs 9.995,-

In other words, you can get a professional and new WordPress website at a fair price. Of course, it can get more advanced and the price can quickly approach 100,000. For example, if you want a unique website design .

Our mission is to leave a quality product, which is why we always include the following:

  • You own the website
  • Secure connection / HTTPS
  • Data collection
  • GDPR compliant
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • No strange contracts or bindings
new website graphically illustrated

New website in WordPress

We use WordPress exclusively because it’s future-proof, open source and it offers 100% creative freedom. The best possible website for today and tomorrow

Why do we use WordPress? First, you are assured of an open source program where you own the website. However, beware of some companies that take ownership away from you .

Secondly, WordPress is future-proof, as more than 33% of the world’s websites use it. That’s why new features are constantly being developed, keeping you at the forefront of the future.

Finally, WordPress ensures 100% creative freedom, so you as a business get the best product at a fair price, as the designer can express himself freely.

Why get a new website?

A new company website can be a big decision, which is why you may quickly ask yourself, is it even necessary?

Our answer is that it depends very much on the state of your current page. If it feels old, looks old and lacks basic modern features, then it’s probably pretty much time to replace it.

Conversely, it may be that a website optimization is enough. Whether this is the case is hard to say, as it depends somewhat on how “broken” your site is.

In general, look for the following, and if you miss it, these are strong danger signs:

  • Mobile-friendly website
  • Secure connection / HTTPS
  • Flat design 2.0
  • Animations and graphic design
  • Fast loading speed
  • Accessibility for people with disabilities

The above are just a few examples, and are kind of minimum requirements in today’s world. So if you’re missing just 1 of the points, it’s probably time to get it updated.

If you want to get started on your own website, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to websites, giving you everything you need from start to finish.

However, if you want professionals to make the site for you, read on (-;

Where is the price of a website?

What does a new website cost?

We’ve already touched on the subject a bit, but since it can be relatively complicated, we’ll link a bit further here. A website is an unlikely broad concept. It can truly be anything between heaven and earth, which is why it requires more than just that. Fortunately, you can find the price of a new website quite easily with our calculator.

The cost of a new site can be difficult to estimate. That’s why it’s essential to have a good conversation, where we can get to the bottom of your needs and wishes. This way we quickly find the optimal solution.

Whatever your needs are right now, you can of course contact us without obligation. Then we take it from there, as we Jutes would say.


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