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Get rid of all the hassle. Get support for your website

TRIBE Media can help you with strong website support so you don’t have to do irrelevant tasks. That way, you can focus on what’s important to you. It doesn’t make sense for you to do something you’re not an expert at. The result is that you steal time from what you’re super good at. Therefore, let us help you further in the text with a highly attractive support package.

Support agreement for website

Primarily for smaller sites:
599,- DKK per month

Easy, simple and fair price where you don’t have to think about all the technical stuff yourself.

Larger side?
Have a chat with us and we’ll find the best solution (a student assistant may be best for you)

support for website also called support agreement here written in English

What do you get in your support?

  • Support 24/7
    You can always call or write
  • We customize content for you
    So you don’t waste time on WordPress
  • Prevents you from being hacked
    Removes old plugins, updates WordPress
  • Gives you suggestions for improvements
    So you follow future standards

We may bite a little but only in a good way

For us, personal customer service is everything. That’s why we go to great lengths to offer the best customer service in the country. It helps to make you feel safe, less stressed and all in all make both parties better at what they are already good at.

The result is a long-lasting collaboration that keeps on giving and giving for the benefit of all parties. TRIBE Media is more than a tribe. We are a family that takes care of all its members and those who are affiliated.

Contact us for help here.

En nem, overskuelig og fair pris

Feedback fra vores kunder har resulteret i denne support

Vi har optimeret, finpudset og tilpasset vores support ud fra de af vores kunder, som allerede er på supporten. Det har ført til ovenstående. Én enkelt pris med 4 helt centrale support services.

Resultatet er en yderst billig support, som både er optimeret dig og din virksomhed såvel som os og vores virksomhed. Til glæde og nytte for os begge!

Få support fra 599 i måneden. Prisen er fra, da den primært gælder til små sider. Større sider er mere tidskrævende, og deraf naturligvis den højere pris, som vi aftaler i fællesskab.

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Nicolai is as sharp as an eagle when it comes to websites. So whether you need a new design, a small tweak to your website or just have a question, he has a solution for you.

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Not everyone fits in and vice versa. We want to deliver a quality product, which is why working with you is everything.

So let’s first start out by seeing if our two companies actually fit together. Call us or use the contact form below. We are not looking to deliver the cheapest product. Therefore if you are looking for the absolute lowest price, we are probably not a match. If you want a partner who cares deeply about your business, pick up the phone and talk to us. (-:

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Merry Christmas and thank you for your cooperation

No matter how much or little we’ve talked this year, our collaboration still means a lot to us at the Tribe.

That’s why we want to give you some special Christmas gift that might help you in 2022.

40% discount on a video or photo
for the website or social media.

The gift can be picked up at our office dalbygade 40U 1. floor or you can book an online conversation in my, Benjamin, calendar.

I look forward to talking to you. Merry Christmas!