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Website design is extremely important for a website – and more important than you might first think. It’s all about first impressions, so whether you want to make your website yourself or get someone to do it for you, it’s important to do your homework first.

What’s most important when choosing a website designer?

At TRIBE Media we are experts in websites, whether you need a new website or need to refresh your old one. If you just need adjustments, we also offer website redesign. We always use the WordPress website design tool, which gives us creative freedom every time. This way, our designers can develop a website that suits your needs exactly, and you are guaranteed a professional website that reflects your or your company’s identity.

Of course, choosing the design for your website is a very big and time-consuming task. That’s why we’re with you every step of the way. Furthermore, we always follow some effective principles when designing a website . We ensure high quality as we have the latest knowledge and we are relevantly educated from university. This way, you can feel confident in the process as we take care of your site when doing website development and website redesign.

Some of the things we focus on are for example:

  • Mobile-friendly website also called responsive design
  • Secure connection / HTTPS / SSL
  • User-friendly design
  • Focus on selected target group (e.g. the older segment)
  • Clarity
  • Navigation (linear navigation is better than hypertextual, for example)
  • Much more.
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It is extremely important to know the target group and their needs and wishes. If you don’t know them, it’s hard to communicate successfully to them. Young people often need a responsive website as they are more likely to visit websites via their mobiles, whereas the older segment usually needs a simple and easy-to-understand website that they can quickly navigate. We know how to set up a successful website, so all you need to do is know your website and your business identity.

What do you always include in website design?

With other good web agencies, you’ll pay for the services below in addition to your website design. Therefore, they can easily say “get a website from 2,000”. – It doesn’t make sense in our world and that’s why we do it differently. We’ve made it transparent for you and that’s why you always get the services below included in the price. We stay true to our concept and you can always feel confident in the purchase.

Always included in the price

  • Secure connection / SSL / HTTPS
  • Setup of web hotel
  • Mobile friendly / responsive
  • Installation of CMS (WordPress)
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • Setting of cookies/GDPR
  • Keyword analysis
  • Design manual for the website
  • Possible correction until you are satisfied with the page

What about your prices?

Of course, we disclose our prices, as this is by far the most transparent and reassuring for you. For us, it’s about building trust, as this often leads to a long-term relationship. Cooperation is the key to the very best product, and it benefits both parties for many years. You can safely get help to create a website with us.

You don’t just become part of the TRIBE Media tribe. You become part of a family. A family that takes care of all its members. Of course we inform about the prices. You can see our hourly rate on a new website here.

Get a great website that keeps performing optimally

For us, it’s about having a great website that you can continue to enjoy long after it’s been completed. That way, we also ensure that your site is as future-proof as possible, which is what it’s all about.

With many other good web agencies, you have to pay extra to get some very basic features included in the site. We will not be a party to that. That’s why we do it differently at TRIBE Media. We include a wide range of services in the price that are essential for a good website that is also as future-proof as possible.

See what a quality website costs

But what is a good website design?

There are many opinions on this, but if you ask Google what they think of a graphic design website, you’ll get the following explanation:

A good website design should be mobile-friendly and made with a responsive design.

The reason they say this is very much related to the fact that the majority of today’s users use their mobile to browse the web. Therefore, a good website is one that is optimised for mobile, but it doesn’t stop there. The list is incredibly long of a good website and together we’ll find out exactly what your site is missing. To learn more about what good design will look like in 2023, we recommend you read the ultimate guide to websites .

Get a sharp website design price right here

The price depends on many factors. Do you want your site to be designed from scratch or from a theme? Should it be a webshop or just an informative page.

In other words, there are many questions on which one cannot quantify the fixed cost of a page. Therefore we inform instead about our website prices , where you can also calculate your price yourself. This gives you the flexibility and freedom to choose.

See prices for website design here

Get a website that’s future-proof

Get a website made by our skilled website designers. When we finish setting up the website, we’ll make sure it’s as future-proof as possible. This means you won’t need any further help with your website for a long time to come. Because we know that as a small or medium-sized business, you don’t have a lot of resources or time for constant website development. That’s why we know it’s important that you get a product that lasts a long time and doesn’t cost you a fortune. Here you can read about, when to get a new website. Because maybe you don’t need to make a new site at all? In fact, it may be enough with website optimization for you?

Still not sure whether to choose us?

We understand that choosing the right web developer can be a difficult decision. That’s why we’ve put together some reasons why we’ re the obvious choice for you:

  • We use timeless designs and future-proof your website
  • We develop websites at a fair and transparent price
  • We have you in the design process from start to finish – but we want a long-term collaboration
  • We ensure a responsive design
  • We include keyword analysis in the development of your website so that your website performs at its best
  • We’ll help you read relevant data from your website in the future

See the results of previous work for our clients

Your website is your most important sales card

Get a website that brings you customers for a long time

A good-looking website can do a lot, but if it doesn’t get visitors, it won’t get many customers. Therefore, it matters a lot that your target audience and customers can find you. Because of this, we also help with good copywriting and search engine optimisation (SEO), as this gets your page up in Google.

In other words, make sure you have a website with SEO and all the technical elements in place. Such as secure connection/SSL/HTTPS, that it is mobile friendly, that the design is made for your target audience and a wide range of other parameters. We’re experts at making sure you get a site that plays 100% when you get it.

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