Website optimisation

What is website optimisation?

Good website optimisation is checking your website daily, checking for errors and keeping it updated. The result? Better SEO and more customers.

It is important for businesses large and small to keep their website in good condition by updating and maintaining it weekly and monthly. The direct reason for this is to give its existing visitors new opportunities to engage with the website, and attract new visitors so the website grows. The same is true for webshops, as there are often several aspects to deal with, such as product and category pages. At the same time, it is important for webshops to optimise their websites as well as possible, as visitors demand and expect a good user experience.

Good website optimisation gives better results. Visitors to your website expect to get answers quickly, so it’s vital, for example, that your website loads quickly. If this is not the case, visitors are very quick to use the back button. Website speed optimization is one of the most underestimated factors in website optimization. Many websites underestimate the importance of a fast website. According to most successful websites, loading speed is one of the key parameters for growth and better results. This is especially true for SEO. Google prioritises websites that load quickly, as this increases the usability of the website.

With good website optimisation, it is possible to reduce the loading speed of websites from 7 seconds to 2.3 seconds (as you can see in the image below). This speed optimization has resulted in more visitors, as well as more pages being viewed by the site’s visitors.

Speed optimization

Website optimization checklist

The goal of website optimization is to continually health check and build new content for the website so that pages grow and more visitors see your business. The most important thing is to keep the website up and running smoothly. Here’s what we do:

Weekly you should do the following:

  • Investigate “lost” links
  • Examine page loading speed
  • Implementation and control of data
  • Update website plugins
  • Write 1-2 new blog posts
  • Update Google My Business

Monthly do this:

  • Analyse website data and statistics
  • Analyse the design and structure of the website (can it be improved?)
  • Update of blog posts
  • Add 1-2 new images
  • Testing of the entire website

In addition, you should also do a thorough SEO optimization of the website:

  • Page titles
  • Page descriptions
  • Add relevant content
  • Update Google My Business

Who needs website optimisation?

The answer is, it depends on the company. There are several elements that determine whether your website needs a website optimization. Website optimisation takes time, experience and knowledge. This is often the reason why many small and large companies outsource work and responsibilities. You can, of course, choose to carry out the tasks yourself. However, several of the tasks require you to have at least a good basic understanding.

Here’s a list of what we think you should think about before buying a website optimisation package:

  1. The size of your business
  2. Purpose of the website
  3. How fast is your website growing?
  4. How much experience do you have with website maintenance?
  5. Is your website currently not updated?
  6. How much time do you have to maintain your website?

The combination of technical acumen, graphic creativity and copywriting ensures an incredibly powerful optimised website. If you want to read more about website optimisation, we recommend that you read the ultimate guide to websites.

What are lost links?

Lost links are the links that you used to have but no longer work. This can happen when the website link no longer works (return 404 page).How do you check the loading speed of a website?

You can check your website’s loading speed by using This website is designed to check how fast your website loads.What is Google My Business?

A Google My Business account makes it easier for your visitors/customers to find you on Google search results. TribeMedia Google My BusinessWhat does data verification mean?

By monitoring data, we mean tracking how the website is performing. It is important to follow the evolution of the website’s visitors and how well it is doing in attracting visitors. For this purpose, Google Analytics is used to generate reports that help support the success of website optimisation.Why do blog posts need to be updated?

Google prefers “topical” content. And for that reason, Google will favour content that is relevant and properly written for the time.

This matters most to us when it comes to website optimization

The most important thing?

that you are 100% satisfied. That’s why you only get the finished logo when you’re completely satisfied with the result. Exactly the same is true with our website optimisation and all our other strengths.

How can we help you best?

In short, we help you by doing what we do best. That way, you do what you do best. This synergy means a lot to us and is a huge motivating factor. For us, personal contact plays an important role. That way, we don’t just deliver a better product. We also get to use our built-in service gene. All leading to the better result. The result? Good website optimization and the best possible optimization of your website.

We optimise and advise for you

This means that we always take time for you and adapt to your schedule. That way, you get the right website in the best possible way. We always optimise according to your wishes. That’s why we advise you all the way on what makes the most sense for you and your customers. That’s why the personal approach is not only nice for us, but it also gives a better result on the bottom line.

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