Sustainability and communication tailored to you

Workshop in green marketing

Are you using the full potential? Whatever your business, sustainability and green marketing are on the rise. Get a tailor-made workshop where you learn about sustainability and how to communicate honestly, transparently and, above all, effectively. Relevant for marketing, business development and management.

Note: We also offer
presentation/physical course instead
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Workshops specially designed for your company

About the workshop

  • The workshop is customised, adapted and based on your company
  • Compulsory sections: sustainability in general and Green Communication 101
  • Free access to online Green Marketing video course with 10 chapters
  • Meals included
  • Note: Topics are offered as a presentation/physical course instead (scroll to bottom)

8 case companies from Denmark

Each section is based on a case company from our Green Marketing video series,

Registration deadline

We run workshops on an ongoing basis, so you can put it together exactly as it suits you.

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Click on the image below (opens in new tab) to see more about the topics. Then put together the sections you want to delve into at the workshop. We customise each section for your business.


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Presentation / physical course

Good for several people at once

Instead of a workshop, you can also choose a presentation/physical course. You don’t get quite as in-depth, but it’s also less costly. Works perfectly as inspiration or to start the fire, in your organization. Short presentations can be great to give an intro, where longer physical courses over 2-10 times can get more in depth with the topics.

We use the same topics as in the workshop, but adapt the presentations of course.

See examples of previous presentations below (opens in new tab)

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Prices depend on number of participants, scope why price is difficult to give. From 7.000 copies. VAT

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