SEO is your website's most important friend. Without it, it won't make new friends.

Where do you start with search engine optimisation? Texts, keyword analysis, huge technical analysis and optimization or just by keeping it simple?

How does Google describe SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the practice of including content on your site that has the potential to improve your site’s visibility to search engines and their users

Content, then, is the starting point. That’s why our company focuses primarily on video, photos, texts and graphic design instead of all kinds of technical explanations.

Speed, solid code and a good structure of a page are of course important, why website optimization also takes place, which in turn comes back to content: How do we make sure the user finds what they’re looking for in the best possible way?

Our SEO process

Technical optimization

The foundations must be in place. That’s why we help both existing and new sites get off to a solid start. The complexity of the challenge varies incredibly, fortunately much is common. From 5.500

Content for your page

Google says content = SEO. That’s why we specialise in digital content. Keyword and competitor analysis is the starting point. Recommendation for content comes next. From 6.000

Strategy and maintenance

Strategy is everything, which is why it’s necessary if you take your SEO seriously. So is continuity. That’s why we help companies with both. Monthly cooperation from 4.000

Does SEO work?

The power of SEO is everything

How do you know if your search engine optimisation is working? Often it can take several months before you see any effect at all. Conversions thereafter are also not guaranteed. Therefore, it can easily take years. BUT, once you hit something right, and rank high on Google, things start to go fast.

Data reporting also allows you to see exactly which keywords have led to sales, so you can directly measure the impact.

Our process for measuring SEO is therefore roughly as follows:

  • Interest and traffic measured
  • How, from where and how many sales/conversions?
  • Adapting content strategy
  • Start from scratch
  • In addition 100% transparency
  • No strange contracts or bindings

WordPress is friends with SEO

SEO requires a good content management system. This is where WordPress is a specialist.

Challenges with WordPress exist, of course. For example, speed. Conversely, they can all be solved. In addition, WordPress is good for SEO because it is built as a blogging system with a focus on content. In addition, there is a huge community behind it, constantly developing and adapting the system. Therefore, it is future-proof. Furthermore, it is open-source, so you are not bound by a closed system.

Read more about search engine optimisation here

Includes a good mix of information/blog pages as well as service pages.

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