SEO prices: what does SEO copywriting cost?

Where are our SEO prices?

Of course, it depends a lot on what SEO help you’re looking for. This makes it difficult to answer the question “what does SEO cost?” In other words, it is difficult to give information about SEO prices, as there is a big difference between the efforts you need to make. Is it SEO copywriting, which makes sure that your texts on the page get a makeover with correct grammar, synonyms, recipient-engaging text and not least new and relevant keywords? Or is it about more technical elements of your site, such as speed, website design or perhaps link-building?

Put another way, it’s hard to give an SEO optimization price. That’s why we inform you about the prices in the form of hourly rates, where we find out together exactly what your company needs. The outcome is better results for you, and not least a strong foundation for our future collaboration.

What does SEO cost you and how is it calculated?

The answer is simple. Well, it all depends on your situation. How do YOU need help with SEO? Start by answering these questions below and you’ll be one step further in the process:

  • Have you set up Google Search Console and Google Analytics?
  • Do you know your customers’ search intentions?
  • Are your texts engaging?
  • Is your website slow?
  • Does your page lack proper structure?
  • Have you researched the difficulty of the keywords you compete on?
  • Do you know if you are targeting all relevant keywords?
  • Have you written interesting, accurate and elaborate texts?

These are just a few questions that are extremely important when doing search engine optimization. However, you can go much further down, which is also necessary if you want to get to the top in Google. Competition is increasing by the day, which is why in-depth SEO is extremely important to be found on the internet.

Get a fair and transparent SEO price

You need to make money from your products – not us. For us, it’s not about making as much profit as possible for ourselves, but instead focusing on you and your business. In the same breath, it means a lot to us to provide good customer service, where you as a customer can feel safe. It also brings customers back repeatedly. That way we get paid for our work, and enough to live on, as our customers keep coming back. We are therefore in favour of long-term cooperation, as this produces the best results by far for all parties involved.

Unfortunately, this is not true for all agencies.

Many other advertising agencies simply want to maximise their profits without compromising morale. We really want to do away with that, which is why our number one mission is to be as fair and transparent as possible. One way we do this is through personal contact. In fact, we live by personal contact. The point is that by making it as transparent as possible, you avoid the sudden unexpected cost of having to find a new SEO agency.

The most important thing?

Is such that each of our customers feel treated fairly and equally. Many other agencies charge different prices for the same service. We would like to do away with this, as it is simply the fairest, but also clearly the easiest for us to keep track of. Therefore you can see our prices below. Here you can see what other agencies’ prices are.

What SEO rates do you have?

Our SEO optimization prices per hour ex. VAT

The best method starts with a conversation. Either by phone, Skype or at a coffee meeting. Either way, we are ready to listen to you tell us about your business and thereby arrive at the final SEO optimization price.

999,- per hour

One simple price.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you. Therefore, we have chosen to have only one price. One hourly rate that applies to all customers regardless of size and needs. This applies to both technical SEO as well as copywriting. Get found on Google and speak accurately to your customers at the same time.

Why we disclose the cost of SEO

In fact, it’s quite simple. The key word is transparency. For us, long-term partnerships are our highest aspiration. It gives us a stable income, but it also makes our end products even better. The point is that the better we know each other, the better the end product will be. That’s why long-term partnerships are simply the alpha omega.

How do we ensure this?

Through personal contact, mutual trust and not least fair prices. That’s why we disclose the amount of search engine optimisation help. Because our hope is that it makes you feel safe. This lays the foundations for good cooperation in which the interests of both parties are served.
Now you know a lot about us, but we don’t know much about you. We’re ready tolisten to you tell your company’s story and get the best results, whether it’s search engine optimisation or design.

How we work

How do you do SEO?

We use a carefully designed checklist, which you will also have access to during the process. This checklist gets around all the technical elements, copywriting, visual elements and not least the month-on-month progress. The checklist is of course tailored to your situation, as no two companies start from the same position.

Once we’ve got everything sorted, our geeks get to work on technical SEO. Then, based on our conversation with you, our SEO copywriter will start developing ideas and from that produce some effective SEO copywriting.

In other words, the process is roughly as follows:

  • Coffee meeting
  • The checklist is designed
  • Technical SEO starter
  • Idea development based on coffee meeting
  • Keyword analysis
  • Effective SEO copywriter starts
  • You follow the process via the checklist

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