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We provide search engine optimization (SEO) for Kolding

Of course, we don’t just do search engine optimisation in Kolding. Our mission is to help as many small and medium-sized enterprises as possible through transparent and long-term cooperation.

Too few companies have gone digital, which is bad for both companies and Denmark as a whole.

SEO can be a big and very difficult issue, as there are many different opinions about what is effective and what is not. Some agencies have their own empirical data from which they build their SEO copywriting. Others use common tactics such as buying links. Everyone is right, in a way, but at the same time you can say they are wrong.

What does Google tell you to look for when finding an SEO specialist?

We follow Google’s recommendations for good search engine optimisation. Therefore you cannot buy links from us. Instead, we put ourselves into your business, creating relevant and great content for you.

We do things a little differently

Instead of just getting started writing copy for your site, we’ll sit down with you and have a conversation.

Find out who you and your business really are. What digital efforts are you already doing and could you do more?

At the same time, we’ll find out who your target audience and customers are, which will save us both a lot of frustration and time. In addition, we do not operate with bindings. Because we believe that you will come back after the first collaboration.

So how do you do SEO copywriting?

As described above, it is important to keep an eye on your keywords using Google Search Console. It’s like the beginning of everything. The next step is to have a good copywriter. Copywriters who can write exciting, lively and, above all, engaging texts, which naturally include the relevant keywords. Afterwards, you publish your changes and see if they’ve had an effect on your Google rankings. Depending on the competition, various technical parameters and not least link building, you move up.

Louise Bosman Knutsson Eg TRIBE Media
Louise is good for some strong SEO texts

The way Google ranks a page is precisely in terms of relevance. In other words, it’s about writing as good and relevant a text as possible. In fact, you can do a lot of technical tricks to boost your search engine optimisation. However, it all fades without inviting and captivating text, so it can all pretty much be whatever. In other words, you need to make strong text optimisation by, for example, using recipient-involving text, imperatives and personal pronouns.

Drafting is good, but all the other content is just as important

Patryk Maciag TRIBE Media
Patryk shoots the video or photo that appeals to your audience

Let us help you further with effective copywriting and SEO, written by our trained copywriters who know all the technical copywriting tricks. As well as being super-skilled, they are more than friendly and their core competence is to understand your business. This way you get a finished product that reflects your business in the best possible way. Read more about our website copywriting right here

In addition to copywriting, we’ll also create some delicious and relevant photo, video or graphic design content for you and your business.

Is content enough?

Yes and no. If you create unique content that’s so good that people simply can’t help but link to it, you’ll go a long way.

Conversely, if your technical foundation is not in place, it can be very difficult.

That’s why so-called technical SEO is important. It looks at the speed of your website, structured data, mobile-friendliness and many other things that Google likes.

Benjamin Bosman Knutsson Eg TRIBE Media
Benjamin is a technical geek who at the same time understands content and the soft values of the company.

Google is a great algorithm

What does Google say about search engine optimization?

It all comes down to what Google, and in some cases Bing, decide to do with their algorithm. Therefore, it is simply essential that you are constantly aware of your keywords and not least their rankings. The best and easiest way is to use Google Search Console. It’s not only the best tool, but it’s also free for everyone out there. For small and medium-sized enterprises, this is great news, as money can often be tight, where it’s all about being as cost-effective as possible.

The next step is about website data from Google Analytics and new keywords for the site with Google Keyword Planner. The key is to understand what the data is telling you and use it to optimise your site for SEO.

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