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How we help you

  • We write the texts
  • Filming and editing the video
  • Takes great pictures
  • Designer creative graphic material
  • Possibly 100% handles your social media

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Are your needs different from what we offer in our packages? So don’t hesitate to contact us for a personalised package that’s perfect for you. Let us help you build a strong social media profile so you can focus on what you do best.
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Our social media packages

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  • 4 postings with photo + text
  • Planning at the right time
  • 1 hour consultation

    Price: 2598


  • 8 postings with photo + text
  • Planning at the right time
  • 3 hours of counselling
  • One video

    Price: 8695

How we create different content for Facebook

How the package works

Our Facebook and instagram packages are very cheap, yes. That’s why the packages are primarily for small businesses, where we can film at the company. However, we can put together a package for larger companies by you contacting us. This also means that larger video and photo productions, such as these videos, are not included in the packages below. The way we do it is therefore:

  • we follow a carefully planned plan for how we shoot video and photo
  • the content is designed for social media
  • the packages are aimed at small businesses, where we film in the existing environment
  • our concept is fair prices for both parties

Need a Facebook or Instagram?

Luckily, we’ll help you get started. Many people are in the same situation as you, where they simply haven’t had the time or the desire to get started on social media.

Therefore, we have developed our concept One Day SoMe, which actually means that for 5.985,- you get your Facebook and Instagram set up correctly and get content for one month made in 1 single day!

Make more time for what you do best

Right now you might be writing the texts, taking the pictures and trying to make some videos. You think it’s okay, but in reality it’s not what you’re passionate about. Social media is something we are passionate about! Here we have the opportunity to use the many different skills that we have. That’s why we help you with Facebook and Instagram. Whether your needs are big or small, we’re here to help. Our passionate and dynamic team is focused on you and your company’s story. In this way, you can pass on some of the “social media burden” in dialogue and cooperation with us.

The result?

You get more engaged customers and you can focus on exactly what you’re good at.

Let us fix your social media

Didn’t find what you were looking for?

We focus primarily on Facebook and Instagram, but our text, video and graphics can be used on multiple platforms. You can therefore design your package exactly as you wish. We always find a solution that gives you more time for what you’re passionate about.
Whatever your question or idea, you can always call us or contact us here.

How do we help you communicate on social media?

An incredibly difficult question, as every business is different and without the right communication you may look like the others or disappear into the crowd. Social media communication helps you tell the right story so you stand out from the crowd – ultimately giving you greater insight into your customers, but also greater visibility so you increase your sales. We focus on personal sparring with you, so we get to know you and your customers. That way, we can advise and target your communications in the most effective way. In other words, we do a kind of social media optimization using social media communication. One thing is for sure: communication on social is ultra important to focus on.

How we help you with your SoMe

Among other things, we advise on how to use social media, such as Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. This way you can reach your specific target group. Together, we’ll work out which story to tell and which media will be most effective. Of course, we also help with “ready-to-run” packages, such as content plan, marketing strategy and unique templates made specifically for your business. Social media communication is very much about talking to your users rather than describing.

Get social media advice right here

Facebook | Be social with your customers

Many businesses are already on Facebook, but we often run into the following issues:

  1. They are not active on the medium at all
  2. They don’t remember that Facebook is a SOCIAL media
  3. The content is not made for the users, but about the company
  4. You don’t like the algorithm
  5. Your content is just not exciting enough

As a result, your company’s Facebook page doesn’t create any value at all, but is just a big waste of time. First of all, many companies forget that academic language and cold business talk simply don’t work on Facebook and Instagram, for example. Instead, it’s about using spoken language and talking to your customers rather than at them. It is also about being active. If you can put up a post every day, you can reach more of your followers and not least keep them interested.

But be careful,

for quality over quantity also applies to Facebook. If you don’t deliver quality content EVER, you’ll be punished immediately. Facebook’s algorithm is merciless and automatically punishes you if you don’t deliver good content. That’s why it’s actually better to make 1 quality post per week instead of 7 bad ones.

So how do I make good content on Facebook?

There are a lot of factors that come into play. From great headlines to eye-catching graphic content. Well-made videos in particular do incredibly well on Facebook. See how we make videos here. It’s also about understanding Facebook’s algorithm. Because it’s all about getting interaction with your post, as Facebook will rate it as good content. This happens through clicks on the post (everything from likes, read more, to activating audio on videos), comments, shares and the list goes on.

You must NOT do this!

We’ve seen some horror stories of posts that Facebook automatically hides:

First of all, Facebook generally downvotes images that contain a lot of text. Besides, the picture doesn’t really say anything, and there are no people in the picture (frustrating with that damn social media ;-)). Facebook automatically saves the post, and your next post is actually penalised too.

In our experience, too many businesses are unfortunately half-hearted on Facebook. That’s a real shame, because it obviously doesn’t work! That’s why we help with advice on using the medium, so you get something out of being there. We’d rather not manage your entire Facebook page, since you’re the expert on your business!

Therefore we do the following,

we advise you personally on your Facebook page and create a clear guide for you. In addition, we offer to help with, for example, 10 postings, which you then use for inspiration going forward.

Instagram | Create your visual identity

Instagram is one of the world’s largest social media platforms with over 800 million monthly users. Your target audience is probably here too. We give you tips, advice and guidance on how to get started using Instagram and help you create an Instagram strategy that will ensure your success!

Pinterest | Boost traffic to your website on an underrated medium

Think Pinterest is mostly for recipes and DIY?

Pinterest is much more than that! In our opinion, it’s an underrated medium, as it’s a great source of traffic for your website. Plus, Pinterest is growing by the day. The key to success on Pinterest is to think of the platform as a search engine – like Google, rather than a social medium. We’ll help you start your Pinterest account if you’re not already. Then we’ll help you create your identity on Pinterest and give you advice and guidance on how to use the platform most effectively.

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