Images are effective, but promotional videos are in a league of their own! Whether it’s on a corporate presentation video on a website, video for social media, TV or something else entirely, videos are often the most effective tool. Commercials give better ROI (return of investment), more customers, more credibility and the list goes on! A promotional video is undoubtedly your best sales tool.

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Why don’t companies make more promotional videos then?

There are (fortunately) also many who do. Unfortunately, it is often the slightly larger companies that have the resources for a large marketing department or an external agency.

The result is that they have an even stronger competitive advantage compared to small and medium-sized enterprises. We think this is a great pity! But it doesn’t have to be that hard to make a TV commercial. That’s why we’re helping you with one of marketing’s most powerful tools. Because of that, we are experts in video production.

What is a commercial anyway?

Corporate videos and commercials are basically a short film that promotes a brand, organization or product. You could say a kind of corporate or image film. Typically associated with TV commercials, this is not necessarily the case anymore. Now you have everything from social media to various streaming services where commercials are frequently used.

Our commercial production

How does commercial production actually take place? There’s no black and white answer. Production can of course vary greatly in size, depending on budget and scale. For example, there is a difference between having extras and actors and having mainly the company’s own people.

Naturli’ is a very good example of a company that, instead of hiring expensive and sometimes cumbersome actors, simply uses their own people. Below you can see a really good example of just that:

There is also a difference in where the film itself is used. Is it for the commercial break during the Super Bowl or the Champions League? Then you should include something that fits the theme.

On the other hand, social media and TV commercials are where you can be a bit more creative. However, it is always about being current and relevant to your target audience.

Get a film that stands out from the competition

Our highly skilled filmmakers deliver corporate advertising that’s not only aesthetically pleasing, but also optimised to perfectly suit your target audience.

The videographers are not alone, as they have a whole team behind them to help them along. That way, they focus on the most important aspects when shooting and, more importantly, editing your commercial.

The result is that you have the best possible end product in the shortest possible time.

Commercials need to be topical, so it’s about being able to act quickly and get the film produced in good time.

What is always included when you get a promotional film?

  • Idea development
  • Storyboard
  • Recording made by professional videographers
  • Always sparring and advice

A promotional video for us is a powerful tool

We ourselves use promotional videos extensively on social media, for example, as it is simply the best tool to promote your business. That’s why we recommend this brilliant tool to other companies as well. Making a video for social media doesn’t have to be expensive.

However, it is logical that if you want a big commercial, which often requires a lot of resources, the price is often higher.

You will work with a dynamic and passionate team

Not only do you get a product of the very highest quality, but you also become part of the TRIBE Media family. We are more than just a tribe. We are a family that takes care of all its members big and small. It is our mission to take care of each other, so that we can help each other grow.

That’s why we’re always here for you, because we’re committed to long-term partnerships that are tailored to your needs and wishes.

How do we make your promotional video?

We start from your case, and then our professional team sits down and develops ideas.

Then we’ll create a storyboard, which you can of course comment on throughout the process. For us, a commercial is about delivering a professional product that you can identify with, but where we also dare to question the content.
Furthermore, we do video production in Kolding, which means we have our own video studio. This gives us more opportunities to make some really creative content with you.

Get your own short and effective promotional film

A commercial doesn’t have to be a huge cinematic production with a host of performers and videographers. Instead, with a small creative team, an effective storyboard and some skilled photographers, you can shoot a very authentic and relatively inexpensive promotional video.

You can also focus on making a video for social media instead, as you can often be more out of pocket here.

Here you can see a small selection of our own videos:

Corporate films might be for you instead

How much does such a film cost?

You may be thinking that a commercial might not be for you. For example, if you are a company. Here, a decisive company film might be the right choice for you. Here you get a portrait of your company at its absolute strongest.

We are of course ready to answer all your questions. Therefore you can contact us without any obligation.

As I said, the price can vary a lot. Fortunately, we have made a very good overview of the price of commercials . In addition, you also have another option than an outright advertisement. You can see our prices on our page video production price .

On the above links you can find many examples, but of course you are always welcome to contact us without obligation for questions or advice!

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