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Company presentation video in Kolding

When you as a company want to showcase your activities, there's no getting around the fact that a business presentation video is one of the most powerful tools. 

On the other hand, it can also go really wrong if it ends up being just another boring interview video. 

You probably know them well (-:

Therefore, when making a corporate film, it is obviously important to appear professional. 


If you appear downright boring, it will have the opposite effect, making you appear unprofessional. Of course, a business presentation video shouldn't be frivolous, but you should have some edge. When you show in the video that your organisation has some edge, there is automatically a greater likelihood of more customers as well as skilled employees. 

A portrait video is your most powerful tool

If done right, as we talked about above, video can be your most powerful tool for creating a successful portrait of your business. 

But where can the presentation video be used? 

Actually a very good question as there are some best-practice examples to address. First let's start with our own checklist/rules that we use when planning a portrait video: 

  1. Keep it simple and delicious
    That means 1-3 minutes maximum without long boring interviews
  2. Focus on your recipient instead of yourself
  3. Use a minimum of 2 camera angles and situation shots
  4. The interviewer must vary his tone and gestures
  5. If the budget allows, use an interviewer who actively participates in the video
    Nas Daily videos are the very best example 

That's a brief summary of some best-practice rules we always try to follow to ensure the highest quality. In addition, we also have some very practical examples of where you should use your presentation video, and very importantly, where you shouldn't use it: 

  • The front page of the website is a really nice place. Remember to lazy-load (web developer's advice)
  • Social media (especially Facebook and LinkedIn)
  • Conferences or events
  • Onboarding of new employees

Where should you not use the portrait?

Our recommendation for where not to use business presentation videos may be a little cryptic. In general, we recommend that you DO NOT use the presentation for paid advertising, whether it is commercial or video for social media

The reason for this is that these types of films can fall flat quite quickly in advertising. For advertising, we prefer to use short 5-30 second videos with drive and a very simple and clear message. Something you can also achieve with your portrait. Our experience is that this is often not the case. 

Conversely, you can make some so-called cuts of the large presentation video, and thus have one or more small videos you can use for advertising. Or for that matter to use as featured videos in various articles on that website, or if you're telling a particular story on social media. 

Examples of corporate presentation video

Below are some carefully selected examples to give you an idea of how to make the different videos. We've also included an example from Nas Daily, as he does some really powerful portraits. He hasn't done that many from companies, but the principle is kind of the same. 

Tell the story as the story should be told.

Below is an example of a perhaps somewhat difficult challenge: How do you bring out the incredible effect of Thai massage in a video? By getting creative and avoiding boring clichés.

What does a corporate presentation video cost? 

Video production prices can vary enormously, as it depends on your wishes for complexity. Something that helps determine the price can be, among other things: 

  • Number of locations and shooting days
  • Props and special rooms
  • Extras
  • Number of persons interviewed 
  • Unique extra person interviewing company (Nas Daily style)
  • Time the film should last
  • How quickly it must be finished
  • Number of cuts 
  • Platforms (web, social media, TV)

As you can see, it can get relatively complicated quickly. That's why you are of course welcome to contact us for a no-obligation consultation. 

What is the most important thing when making a portrait video? 

Our absolute and clearest recommendation is that you use our ÆAA form: honest, authentic and relaxed. That way you'll get the best result. 

Some people are comfortable with scripting, which for others can be the biggest obstacle to a successful video. 

In general, our experience is that interview questions are clearly the best approach. This way, it becomes more of a conversation than an act, and authenticity is automatically ensured. 

Then mix the interview with situational shots and possibly a rebuttal in the form of the Nas Daily style, and you have an incredibly powerful corporate portrait.  

Our recommendation for the best kind of presentation video

Our recommendation for the best kind of presentation video

How TRIBE recommends a company presentation

Below is our top way to make the video:

  1. Start using the sandwich model
    Involves taking some situational shots first, then interview, then situational shots again
  2. Use minimum 2 camera angles
  3. Play with the lighting for the interview and create a bold atmosphere that reflects the company
  4. Try recording a little documentary style
    where the interviewee is followed around in natural surroundings
  5. Include the Nas Daily style
    Have a person be the narrator of the video and refute key points and messages
  6. Always use the ÆAA form
    Honest, authentic and relaxed
  7. Think about the receiver ALWAYS
    The video is intended for them and you always communicate at the recipient's primes
  8. Avoid deadly boredom
    Too many portraits are downright dead boring. Use the above and avoid that trap! (-:

Have a question about business portraits you didn't get answered here? 

If you have any questions, you can always contact us without obligation. Finally, if you have any suggestions to make the site even better, please feel free to give us feedback!

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