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Produktfotografering af produkt

Product videos are pretty essential for businesses as it’s all about promoting their products. What is the easiest way to do this? – Using product images and product video.

Images are super effective. In fact, they say that pictures are worth a thousand words, so why not use them to promote your products? Videos make it easier to influence the recipient with specific messages or information, which is why videos are great for helping customers understand or gain interest in your product.

What are product videos used for?

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Just as we offer commercials and corporate films, we also want to be at the forefront of product video production.

Product videos can largely be compared to a commercial because it is often the company’s product that is being advertised. Yet commercials and product videos are distinct and have two different purposes.

When you use advertising, it is to catch the recipient’s attention for your business and increase potential customers’ awareness of your product

Product videos, on the other hand, are used as part of product awareness. That is, when potential customers are looking at your product. Product videos can be part of a website, product page, advertisement and much more. Most often, product videos are used as a product presentation to get to know the product.

A product video sets the mood for the product

Images can undoubtedly affect our emotions. Therefore, you have the opportunity to tell or create some emotion around your product with a product video.

  • Perhaps you need to showcase your product’s features?
  • Do you need to communicate something specific about your product?
  • Maybe you need to show a mood when using your product?
  • Or do you just want the video to look appealing?

If you can recognize any of the above questions, then you should definitely consider product videos for your products.

Product videos create a safer shopping experience

Many companies use product videos either on their social media channels to showcase their products. Online shops also make extensive use of product videos as part of their product pages. This gives visitors a safer shopping experience. Here, the buyer will feel less insecure because they see a real video of the product, which gives them a better insight into the product.

Video production

At TRIBE Media we are passionate about video production and we will help you produce your next product video.

With us, you can either rent a video studio where you produce the content yourself, but we provide the setting and equipment. But of course, we are also very happy to help you or to do it in cooperation with you.

We have an entire video studio dedicated to video production and we don’t skimp on the equipment! If you need a specific background for your product, we have a special green screen studio that quickly transforms the background of our product videos.

Learn more about the studio here or find our video production prices.

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