Video production price

video production price

What does video cost? 

Something a lot of people ask before they have a video produced.

And quite understandably as a video production price can be complicated and unmanageable! 

We know something about the price of a video, as we have made more than 1,000 videos for clients as well as ourselves

Below is a small selection of some of the videos we have made

Port of Kolding webinar video

Peter Larsen Coffee


Examples of video project prices

In fact, it can be an incredibly difficult question to answer what exactly a video production cost is. It's all about YOUR situation! As you can see in the graphic above, it ranges anywhere from £9,000 to £100,000.

Is it video for social mediaand commercialand company presentation or something completely different? 

That's why we've tried to make it as easy as possible for you, and why we're providing information on the cost of video production by showing our hourly rates below. 

The reason why the price can vary so much is that there is a VERY big difference between complexity in the price of video production

The above is just based on our own experience. That's why we make a point of talking in depth about the project. That way we can give you a fixed price before we start shooting. 

We think off-prices can be a bit unfair, so we'd rather give you a range. It's more transparent.

Prices of video production

Below you can see our prices for video production. We've tried to keep it as simple as possible, so you get a quick overview. If you have special requests or if you are an NGO or voluntary organisation, you can of course always try to negotiate with us. The prices below are basically the same as commercial film award

How important is a cheap video production price for you?

We understand if you're a new or small business and don't have a huge budget to make videos, even though you know, how important video has gradually become. 

That's why we've tried to compile a table below of different companies that make videos. This way, you can create your own impression and choose the right ones for you. 

Prices at different video companies:

From priceCompanyWhat do you get?What are you not getting?
2495Trolle AdvertisingSimple videoProfessionally shot and edited, very limited preparation. Serves as intro offer for making larger productions afterwards
2.999InstafilmMini-film in one hour but only on FunenElaborate video or sharp storytelling.
3500PixiwebSimple interview film, but one locationNo storyboard, very limited planning, small setup.
7995ZoemePresentation video with simple messagesIn-depth storyboard, different locations.
8999Viral filmCommercials with 1 location, lasting up to 30 seconds and only 1 film format.More locations, longer video, detailed storyboard.
14000ClickfilmMedium production with multiple locations, voice over more in-depth storyboardMore advanced recording, bigger storyboard
15000Media House-KBH1 recording day, film lasting 2-3 minutesNot much time for preparation or storyboard, only 3-4 hours of shooting and only 1 location
55000Spot On Studios2-4 men, 3 days shooting, major scriptExtras and actors

The importance is particularly apparent when we talk about social media, as it no longer applies only to outright TV advertising. Video is everywhere, and it's here to stay because it's such an effective way to communicate your message - if done correctly, that is. This is exactly what we have been trying to find a solution to by developing something we call "social media support". 

These packages are primarily designed for small businesses that want quality on Facebook and Instagram, but don't have the time or budget.

It's really all about listening to your story!

Yes, quality always comes before quantity, but...

This does not mean that we compromise on quality or price. The price must be fair for all parties. That's why we don't go for cheap video production. 

But both for the customer and the producer's perspective, we therefore disclose our video production prices. Further, when we send out a quote, you will receive an excel that states exactly how many and what the hours are specifically for. This is because it is part of our mission to be as transparent as possible, as it benefits us both. Our focus is on long-term partnerships, as this leads to better results day after day. Therefore we live by personal contactas it ensures better results for all of us, and not least a safe and trusting collaboration. That's why it's really all about listening to your story!

Videographer price:
Meet the videographers who will be working on your project

What does a videographer actually cost? Again, a question that can vary wildly. The difference lies in quality. At TRIBE, we are very committed to high, high quality, which is why our prices may be on the high end. 

The reason for this is that we simply will not deliver a half-hearted piece of work. We want to be able to stand behind every project we do.

Our videographers cost anything from 699 - 999 per hour and the projects usually cost somewhere between 9.000 to 100.000

Patryk Maciag


Patryk is really good at making everyday situations look like a million. He uses nice angles, tight shots and stylish transitions. That way, you look your most professional.


Storyteller/text writer

Benjamin plays with video, but he's especially good at telling your story so the videographer gets the whole picture. That's why he helps the videographer with story and footage.

So what does a TV ad cost?

Yes, it often takes more work to film a TV commercial, because it typically involves actors, many different situations and not least animations. Added to this is a time-consuming planning process, but it is always possible to do it both faster and better than others. This is exactly what we are experts in, as we have developed some unique concepts to produce high quality TV commercialsbut where the cost of advertising is kept down. BUT, it is only the TV advertising prices. In addition, the amount to get it on one of the (flow) TV channels.

Contact us and book a coffee meeting here

Yes, a TV commercial is a bit overrated

"How can you say that? All the big brands use it to sell their products." You might ask? Well, yes, they do, but if you're going to hit x customer, who fits your exact business, then it's no use you using a shotgun where you also hit y, z and c customers. Instead, you should use a sniper where you hit exactly the type of customer that fits your business!

So how do you do it?

The answer is actually quite simple: Social media! More specifically, a combination of organic videos mixed with advertising. 

First you test organically on your Facebook pagewhich videos and texts do well. 

Next, use the best videos from your test to video ads, where you can target exactly THE type of customer you want to involve in your business. 

In addition, you save a lot of money, since a TV advertising price is wild animal! Smart, huh? So you get a good video price here.

It's really clever, which is why we say TV advertising is overrated. Here, it's incredibly difficult to control which customer types you hit. 

Yes, there are some statistics that show who is watching TV, but it can be very difficult (impossible) to measure exactly who has seen your TV ad. This is not the case on social media and YouTube. On the contrary. (-; So when you ask "what does a tv commercial cost", you now get an alternative answer to good video production.

So where do you help with video production?

Well, we help with video production in Denmark! It's a passion for us. 

Therefore, it does not really matter whether it is video production in Odense, Haderslev or for that matter video production in Vejle. 

In other words, distance means nothing to us. 

We are located in Kolding, which means we are only one hour away from almost all of Denmark's major cities. One hour from Aarhus, Esbjerg, Odense and the border. Our videographers are therefore always willing to travel across the country to shoot a delicious stroke of genius of a production, wherever it is. That's why, for example, we also cover Funen with video production.

Video production offer

If you are looking for a video production quote, please contact us. In addition, you can see below on the graphic see what you can expect by price. Below are our indicative prices that we use to calculate your project. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Video production in Kolding for the whole country

Contact us here and get help with your next video now

Kolding is very well located in Denmark, which means that we have about 1 hour to the biggest cities in DK. Yes, we do video production in Kolding, but most importantly also to the whole country. 

That's why we often travel all over the country, making us mobile and flexible. In addition, we actually have a dedicated video studio in Kolding, (the only one in the area!) where you can of course also come by. 

In other words, we're actually just waiting for you! (-;

Book a coffee meeting or a phone call here.

We're certainly ready to hear your story. That way, together we can lay the foundations to help you move forward strongly!

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