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Video studio in Kolding

Come and try our 100% optimised video studio, where you have full control over sound and lighting. Yes, you heard right. It’s like a videographer’s paradise, where you don’t have to worry about outside challenges. Here you have freedom. Freedom to be creative. Freedom to think outside the box – inside the box. Our box, or studio if you will, is not just for videographers, no it’s for pretty much everyone:

  • Videographers
  • small and medium-sized enterprises that do not wish to carry out a study
  • Musicians
  • Sportsmen
  • Authors
  • video content studio for content creators and influencers
  • many more

What facilities do we have in the video studio?

We have pretty much everything. Everything you can dream of. From professional cameras, sound, light as well as video studio green screen. We also have backdrops in white, black and grey.

Here is a list, which is by no means exhaustive, but it should give you an idea of the facilities:

  • Sony cameras (A74 and A73S)
  • Microphones from Red and Zennheiser
  • Light from Godox and Aperture
  • backdrops in green, white, black and grey with the option to book any colour
  • tripods, scrims, grips, duct tape, extension cords and all sorts of little gadgets

In addition, it is also possible to rent a slider, teleprompter, etc.

How does video consultation work?

At our video studio in Kolding, you have the freedom to choose:

  1. you need help from us, or
  2. can you do it yourself?

Yes, you can hire our professional video studio and use it exactly as you please without our interference. You get the freedom to shoot exactly what you want, how you want and when you want. You can just book an appointment in our shared calendar. Nice and simple, because yes, it doesn’t have to be that hard.
Conversely, you can also choose to have us help you with everything from set-up, video recording and, not least, video editing. In addition, we have made more than 1,000 videos so far, so we can also help you with brainstorming and the like, if desired.

More than just a video studio

In addition to the studio itself, we’ve actually set up our office in such a way that it can also be used to shoot videos. In this way, we have the following locations, which can be handy when shooting video:

  • living room / sofa
  • office (of course)
  • Kitchen
  • bath / toilet
  • Meeting room

In addition to the above locations, we also have a podcast room, where the sound is of course also very important. This means we can serve virtually any creative person.

Which video studio is right for me?

Yes, that’s a very good question. The question is probably more in reality whether you are looking for a photo studio, professional TV studio or just a video studio? If you’re taking pictures, controlling sound and light means less. In other words, if you’re shooting video, we’d probably go for a studio that’s actually been optimised for just that purpose. Here we are thinking of sound insulation, sound design and not least the control of light (blackout). There is nothing worse than the sun, as it is obviously not static. This means that the light changes over time, which means that your footage could theoretically look different despite being shot on the same day. You can avoid this challenge with our studio sorting. This way the light is 100% static – all day long.

Interested? Visit to see more and to book an appointment.

Rent a video studio easily and cheaply with us

Contact us here to rent our video studio

Our office is centrally located in Denmark. You will find us in the heart of Kolding. You can rent our office, video studio and more facilities for your next video. With us, you don’t have to settle for renting our video studio. You also have the opportunity to get help with video production of us, so we can create a professional result together.

We have several facilities and the necessary tools that you can use to make a video. In our video studio, you therefore have full control over lighting and sound without having to worry about a lot of external challenges. Super easy!

There is therefore no time to waste. Contact us now to get started on your next video project in our pretty cool video studio.


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